Paul and Keegan

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Description: Paul is the senior power-top on campus, so we thought we'd pair him with the new frat boy with the hottest ass and watch the magic happen. Its an instant attraction which is obvious when the two begin kissing and biting each other's bodys from head to toe. Domineering Paul likes to take charge and blows Keegan on his terms. He allows Keegan a taste of his rock hard cock, but only a teaser here and there. When he's ready to rim Keegan's hot little butthole, he flips him on his knees and orders him to arch his back. His goal is to make Keegan beg to get fucked, and he certainly does. What follows is all we had hopped for and more. Keegan's hard bubble butt gets slammed in every which way. The highlight is watching the nasty freshman ride the upper class-man like a pony, and the resulting cumshot he gets from Paul all over his right ass cheek. Its an initiation you won't want to miss.
Channel: Helix Studios